The Pearl Brown Story

Choosing life is a decision that goes beyond refusing to have an abortion. It can be easy for the Church to advocate for the lives of unborn children but forget the sometimes difficult implications for mothers and families who choose to protect the lives of their babies rather than to cling to what is comfortable or “normal.”

When Eric and Ruth Brown found out that their daughter’s brain was not forming properly, doctors were anything but hopeful. But for them, there was no choice to make. They were confident that their job was to protect the life of their daughter, Pearl. Although Pearl’s life was short, it was still precious and valuable. She was created by God (Psa. 139:13) and made in his image (Gen. 1:26-27).

In her life and death, Pearl’s family experienced the mingling of great joy and great lament. This is the reality for many mothers and families who choose life. The ERLC is committed to protecting life at all stages, and we want to equip the Church to come alongside families as they walk through the dark days of having to say goodbye to the child they chose to keep, protect, and love. As Eric and Ruth share the story of Pearl’s life, may you be encouraged to choose life and to love and walk with families who are choosing life.

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