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Best practices for Christian political engagement

May 30, 2024

Best practices for Christian political engagement can sound like an impossible task. Political chaos and noisy rhetoric are hard to escape during an election season. So, it’s no surprise that even well-meaning Christians get caught up in the fray. Some withdraw from political engagement, feeling as if their voices couldn’t possibly be loud enough to make a difference. Others give in to the temptation to vilify those with whom they disagree. Neither is the most constructive way to use whatever measure of influence the Lord has given us to seek the welfare of our earthly home. 

As Christians, the way for us to engage is with the hope of Jesus Christ. On today’s episode, our guests will help us figure out what that looks like on a practical level in sharing best practices for Christian political engagement.

You’ll hear from Hunter Baker, the provost and dean of the faculty of North Greenville University, and from Shaka Mitchell, the Senior Fellow for the American Federation for Children.  

You’ll also hear from ERLC President Brent Leatherwood. 

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