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Alex Ward

Research Associate and Project Manager

Alex Ward serves as the research associate and project manager for the ERLC’s research initiatives. He manages long term research projects for the organization under the leadership of the director of research. Alex is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in History at the University of Mississippi studying evangelical political activity in the 20th century. He holds degrees from Mississippi State University (B.A.), Vanderbilt University (MTS), and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Th.M.). He and his wife Lindsey are church members in Tupelo, Mississippi. He and Lindsey have one daughter.

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Alex Ward

What is the ERLC’s Research Institute?

What is the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission’s Research Institute, and why is it...

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The relationship between religion and politics in America

Welcome to the ERLC Podcast. On this episode, the ERLC Research team is going...

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Religious Liberty Sunday

Religious Liberty Sunday bulletin insert

A free church in a free state is the Christian ideal.

July 7, 2024 is the annual Religious Liberty Sunday for Southern Baptists. As the...

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God's Good Design Guide

God’s Good Design: A Practical Guide for Answering Gender Confusion

Gender confusion among the next generation The rate of teenagers who identify as transgender...

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Navigating Pronouns in the Real World

Parameters and prudence for complex situations

When I attended orientation for my graduate degree, I expected and received information about...

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Why the Roman Catholic Church now allows priests to bless same-sex couples

The end of 2023 has seen the largest Christian denominations in American struggling in...

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sexual crisis

Society’s spiraling sexual crisis

A few weeks ago, we learned that Genesis 1 teaches God created us male...

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gender and sexuality

What does the Bible teach about gender and sexuality?

Welcome to the all-new ERLC Podcast! In this first series of our new format,...

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From Prohibition to Social Concerns

A.J. Barton and the Origins of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission

Dating the origins of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) is a fraught...

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Explainer: A history of the ERLC

May 8, 2020, marks one of the anniversaries of the founding of what would...

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What our faith says about caring for immigrants and refugees

An interview about The Stranger at our Shore

The theme of care for immigrants and sojourners is one of Scripture’s repeated commands...

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Education is not neutral

Learning as a process of discipleship

A charge against the medieval scholastics was that they were concerned with useless topics...

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