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parental rights

“Teach Them Diligently to Your Children”

A Biblical and Theological Foundation for Parental Rights

In September 2023, a superior court judge in San Bernardino County, California, blocked a...

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What is virtual reality’s place in the local church?

“Virtual Reality and its related technologies are going to change our world. If Christians...

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pro-life protections

How does politics shape the way we see the world?

Politics and ideology are forces that do not merely pertain to governance but often...

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How one church provided childcare for essential workers during the pandemic

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, a feeling of helplessness and fear hit many of...

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10 requests for church leaders from a sexual abuse survivor

At the 2019 ERLC Caring Well Conference, I shared 10 requests from my perspective...

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How to create child protection policies for your church: Part 3

Interviewing and screening

Churches and youth-serving organizations attract offenders. Churches, specifically, are easy targets because there tends...

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