A prayer guide for the 2024 presidential election

The last several years of American life have been challenging. During that time, the country has been stressed economically, culturally, and politically, and those stresses have revealed major cracks in our foundation. This tumult is not unprecedented, but it’s not quite normal either. What’s more, 2024 is a presidential election year in a political environment that is remarkably polarized, divided, angry, and charged with emotion. When we face a season like this, there is plenty we can do to respond in a healthy way, but the most important thing we can do is pray. So, as the presidential campaign season gets underway, make a commitment that you will “pray without ceasing” (1 Thess. 5:17) for its duration and then for our local, state, and national politics beyond that.

Below are a few prompts we hope will help.

Pray for the country

Our country feels like it is in a period of upheaval. There is tension, division, and confusion all around us, especially in politics. 

  • Pray that the country will reject the divisive brand of politics we’ve seen over the last several years. 
  • Pray that God will protect our poll workers around the country.
  • Pray that God will stir up gratitude in us for the voting rights we enjoy. 
  • Pray that God will help voters take their responsibility seriously and vote for what’s good, right, and true.

Pray for the candidates

Campaigning for office is a grueling, invasive process. Candidates’ lives, and their families’ lives, are laid bare for all the country to see. And their schedules and workload can be exhausting. 

  • Pray that God will protect the candidates running for office, keeping them safe and healthy as they travel and campaign around the country.
  • Pray that God will protect the candidates’ families.
  • Pray that candidates will desire to exhibit high character, speak truthfully, and conduct themselves with honor. 
  • Pray that the most competent, highest character candidates will win their respective races. 

Pray for your community

Though the phrase didn’t originate with him, former Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill is famous for saying that “all politics is local.” While there are layers to what O’Neill was alluding to, one of those layers is most certainly that politics makes an indelible imprint on our local communities. That being the case, we should pray for our communities this election season.

  • Pray that voters will elect candidates and pass resolutions that best serve your local community. 
  • Pray that election day will go smoothly at each polling location in your community.
  • Pray for opportunities where you can serve your local community.

Pray for your church

Sadly, too many of our churches have succumbed to the political divisions racking the country. During this election season, we should refuse to let politics divide us and instead resolve to prioritize our union with Christ and one another above our political allegiances—and that will require prayer.

  • Pray that your church will be unified, even where political disagreements exist.
  • Pray that your church members will conduct themselves in a Christlike manner in public, private, and online.
  • Pray that your church will be a beacon of hope in a cultural-political environment that sometimes feels hopeless.

Pray for yourself

We are not personally immune to the division and despair endemic to American politics right now. As such, we should pray that God will help us faithfully navigate our way through this tumultuous season of American life. 

  • Pray that God will empower you to walk in step with his Spirit even when your convictions are criticized. 
  • Pray that God will empower you to take the initiative on cultivating relationships “across the aisle.”
  • Pray that God will help you maintain your integrity and obey your conscience whether you’re in the voting booth or on social media.
  • Pray that God will empower you to treat others in a Christlike manner, with dignity, respect, and charity. 

To keep the 2024 election season from living up to the negative hype, Christians have the opportunity to lead. By God’s grace, we can serve as exemplars of charity, integrity, compassion, and hope for an electorate that’s disconcerted, disunited, and disillusioned with American politics. And in all of it, we can take the opportunity share the reason for the hope that lies within us—the Savior whose ultimate reign we await.

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