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What school option will you choose for your child?

A helpful rubric for making education decisions

The countdown to a new school year has begun. Summer has flown by, as...

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watch TV

How do you watch what you watch?

Christian wisdom and entertainment choices

I’m pretty sure my family was the last one in our neighborhood to get...

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What I would tell new homeschooling families

A great gift but a bad savior

I remember our oldest child’s first day of public school. My husband and I...

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A Special Education of Our Own

Contending for the lives of people with Down syndrome and other disabilities

Everywhere we turn, it seems the sanctity of life is under constant assault. While...

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special needs

4 ways the church can support families with special needs

Steve and Martha have been attending Peace Church for 15 years. Their children are...

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What we need most for hard choices in parenting

Smartphones, sports, and wisdom

Recently, I wrote a short post on Facebook about some of the difficult decisions...

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