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Christ-centered Christianity

Is yours a self-centered or Christ-centered Christianity?

A look at Dean Inserra’s book, "Getting Over Yourself"

There is an ongoing clash occurring in much of American Christianity to see who...

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Embracing Christ as your refuge and cultivating healthy relationships

A conversation with Ellen Mary Dykas about "Toxic Relationships"

Loving relationships possess great potential. When healthy and lively, they produce some of the...

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How do we make sense of modern culture?

An interview with Carl Trueman about "The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self"

Our modern culture seems to be changing at a dizzying pace. Issues of selfhood,...

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8 reasons it’s essential to teach kids theology

Let’s play a word association game. What immediately comes to mind when you read...

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How we can confidently call kids to respond to the gospel

Paul tells us that when the good news changes us, we are sent out...

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Adorning the Dark

Thoughts on Community, Calling, and the Mystery of Making

Adorning the Dark isn’t a book about just writing, or singing, or any of...

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