Bringing Hope to an Election Year

Are you weary as you think about politics in our country? Is it hard to know what to say and do during an election year as you lead your church, talk to your family, interact in your community, and go to the voting booth? We feel those tensions, too, and want to provide encouragement as you seek to bring a distinctly Christian hope to the public square. Here are five questions Christians may face during this election year.

1. Should Christians approach this election year with anxiety?

Christians don’t have to approach politics with fear and anxiety. Instead, we can have real concerns and rest in God’s sovereignty at the same time.

2. How do we remain hopeful and engaged during an election year?

Christ is the reason we can remain filled with hope during political tumult.

3. What gives you hope during difficult seasons like an election year?

Is talk of hope trite in the midst of the troubles we face as a nation?

4. Where are Christians tempted during an election season?

Whether it’s cynicism or division, Christians face certain temptations during a tough election.

5. How do we hold to our biblical convictions while pushing for wise policy?

There are several things we can remember as we seek to be faithful in politics.

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