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How to teach our kids faithfulness in today’s culture

Psalm 78 and the call to remember

“Lord, please protect my children.” From the earliest days of parenting, Christian moms and...

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An encouragement for caregivers this Christmas

5 reminders from the book of Nahum

In April of 2021, we found out that my 37-year-old-husband had a tumor in...

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Business meeting

How your job can prepare you for full-time ministry

Learning about the goodness of work and the value of people

Scripture calls Christians to glorify God in all elements of life (1 Cor. 10:31)....

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Are you “working on” your kids ministry?

Thinking through "Process-Centered Methods for Children’s Discipleship"

A year ago, as we headed into weeks and months of pandemic lockdown, children’s...

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How pastors can be encouraged during trying times

Chris Martin, from the Hawaiian Pacific Baptist Convention, encourages pastors to rest, stay focused,...

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How can you help someone questioning Christianity?

An Interview with Alisa Childers about “Another Gospel?”

What would you say to someone on the verge of walking away from the...

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